Watercolour, gouache, ink, pen, graphite on watercolour paper.
56cm x 82cm.


Impact! Then a moment to absorb the possible consequences of the explosion. The inevitable happens – shattering!

Webbing out from impact point, tendrils of shattering run in densely packed confusion across the glass. Some strands die on collision with others, while some strands, rupturing others, find escape in fresh material, all paths snaking with no logic but to escape.

But there is no escape. The more the strands move the greater the destruction to the body that gives them existence. Shattering is so blind that it can’t help but kill its own existence. Critical point exceeded, fissuring complete, the glass falls to the ground, life beyond, nothing but rubble.

The lie: half truths: deceit - once discovered, explode within the soul. The explosion lacerates the flesh of the heart. The shattering strands of the impact leave behind a bleeding organ that in its agony screams out for the truth.

In search of solid ground on which to base truth, yet more half truths emerge. Untruths create tattered holes in the fabric of history. Memories, once treasured, dissolve into empty fabrications.

Solid ground there has to be. Shattered glass cannot exist without whole glass to shatter. There once was a truth. But now its death begins further and further back in time.

What was true is no longer; shared memory now a dissolved myth severed from any reality that might once have existed.

Deceit is a truth told of the perpetrator.