Behind the fence, in the garden for sale, they sit –
one on the bench, the other on a chair.

Smoking in silence: Ash spills on the table from the little brown dish full of yesterday’s butts. Acrid blue fume from expelled breath fills the air on this warm summer’s night.

With the stars coming out these two players build their separate fictions in brown plastic boxes. Each with a game-plan, secret they think from one another, and the rest of the world. They are worthy opponents: Clumsy skills equally matched; Goals ungodly to the same degree...
Intense emotional pain is visceral. It wells from the body’s core, swells and saturates until the thorax threatens to rent apart disgorging all vital organs in a flood of torn body matter and blood.

Pain is truth. No deception there. Engineered by the heart pain is the response to the soul’s scream on impact with an event of colossal import...
To be dismissed as unworthy of the truth - the response is automatic!

Anger that murder wont satisfy erupts from the gut.

No thought is needed on how to convert red rage into physical expression.

Fingers curl into tight fists against ice-cold palms.

Hard, bony knuckles made ready to inflict bodily damage, crack bone, burst veins and let blood spill...
Impact! Then a moment to absorb the possible consequences of the explosion. The inevitable happens – shattering!

Webbing out from impact point, tendrils of shattering run in densely packed confusion across the glass. Some strands die on collision with others, while some strands, rupturing others, find escape in fresh material, all paths snaking with no logic but to escape.

But there is no escape...
The dishonouring man is a man at war, at war with an essence that gives him his life. Alien to him, with a will of its own, and an intelligent curiosity that is mistaken for lust, the dishonourable man makes his penis an adversary.

Alive to the world as its agent is not, it rises and sniffs at the air laden with scents, drawing portraits of the vibrant universe both within and without.

The dishonouring man beats at this rising with blind desperation. He strangles and suffocates...